Acocks Green

Collective Worship

Collective Worship is a very important aspect of our school day - it is an opportunity to consider and respect a broad spectrum of beliefs and faiths. We encourage ALL our children to take part, whether they are members of a certain faith or indeed none. 


Teacher with responsibility for RE: Ms Mariam Rasool -


Information about the school:

We are a popular, heavily oversubscribed school with an excellent reputation. We occupy a traditional building with classrooms surrounding a school hall. Our school is about 70% non-white (mainly Muslim with some Hindu and Sikh representation) is set in an area with lots of poverty and deprivation but where our school offers a rich educational resource. We are particularly keen on maintaining close contact with parents through it blogs and twitter regime, informing parents and providing photo evidence of what happens at our school. We are able to meet any anxieties that may be generated by inherently controversial areas of the curriculum such as SRE and PSHE. RE and CW are deemed to be an important part of the provision from which there have been no withdrawals in many years.

Our school describes itself as “totally multi-cultural, multi-faith bound by the following ethos: Everyone is different. Everyone is equal. Everyone is welcome.” This inclusive and appreciative attitude towards all is an evident and pervasive mood in our school. Religious life is seen as positive contribution to the educational endeavour of developing the SMSC life of our pupils.

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