Acocks Green

Showcasing 23-24

We regularly receive positive feedback from our parents, pupils and visitors.  This year, we would like to capture feedback and share it with you here.


This page will expand over the course of this year.


We recently had a visitor from overseas - New Zealand.  

Thank you so much for hosting me for a day and allowing me to observe music teaching at Acock’s Green Primary. I was so impressed by your music programme. In every class I visited, the children were highly engaged in their work and used musical concepts and terminology confidently. I was particularly impressed by the teachers who were doing a tremendous job regardless of their prior experience in music. The children at Acock’s Green are so lucky to have such enthusiastic teachers who understand the value of music and model the fact that we are all musical!

All the best,



Te Kura Toi Tangata - School of Education





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