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PSHE and RelEd at Acocks Green Primary: commonality, diversity and difference are all celebrated as strengths.

At Acocks Green Primary School your child will participate in an on-going health education programme. This programme will give the children opportunities to explore issues such as growth, relationships, personal safety and the need for hygiene and respect firstly for themselves and secondly for others.  As a parent you are the key figure in helping your child to cope with the physical and emotional aspects of growing up. As a school we play a supportive role of providing a caring environment where the emphasis is placed on the development and acquisition of skills. We encourage open and honest questions and answers in order to satisfy, at the appropriate level, a child’s curiosity.  Either through topic work or through specific interests e.g. families, farm-life, mini-beasts, or ‘myself’, opportunities will be taken to discuss seeds, growing, embryos, birth and bodies relating to the general cycle of plant, human and animal life.

Relationships Education is compulsory for all primary schools. RelEd is an integral part of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). PSHE at Acocks Green Primary has previously been deemed to be 'outstanding' by OFSTED in an individual subject inspection and it is something we are very keen to maintain at the highest standards. Health Education will cover both physical health and mental wellbeing.

RelEd, and our wider PSHE curriculum, enables our children to be happy, healthy and safe. RelEd puts in place positive building blocks on how to treat each other with kindness, and also recognises the difference between online and face-to-face relationships. It also fosters respect for others and for difference, and gives the opportunity to recognise all the different types of loving families that make up our school and broader community. Children will be taught about being safe and what constitutes appropriate boundaries in friendships. This complements perfectly our ethos that everyone is different, everyone is equal and everyone is welcome in our school community. The Governing Body has determined that RelEd is a very important aspect of our school curriculum.


Our PSHE and RelEd curriculum was created in consultation with parents via a working party.  Our overviews and policies are all available via our website.  We also offer parent meetings for those in years 5 and 6 prior to lessons surrounding changes during puberty starting.  Our open door policy means that parents are welcome to come in for a chat about any of our curriculum.


Puberty lessons Year 5

Puberty Lessons Year 6

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