Our New Curriculum 2018/19

At Acocks Green Primary School, all teachers have the responsibility to manage and co-ordinate subject areas across the school. Curriculum Management in the Key Stages is overseen by designated Senior Teachers, and we often adopt a collegiate, collective approach to enable input from all quarters.

We invest heavily in reading schemes, so that the whole curriculum can be accessed by as many children as early as possible. In KS1, we use 'letters and sounds' to teach phonics and the Oxford Reading Tree is well established to provide the children with fun and stimulating texts. Reading is at the heart of what we do.

Below you will find 2 useful documents: the first will provide you with an overview of some of the main changes in each subject area that came into force in 2014, and underneath you will see a whole school curriculum plan which shows what is being taught in each year at certain times of the year.

Wherever possible, we aim to enhance the learning opportunities of the children beyond the classroom walls.

If you have any queries about an aspect of the curriculum which your child is doing, or you want to find out more about the resources that we use, please contact the following staff:

Mrs Liversidge (KS2): p.liversidge@acocksgreen.bham.sch.uk

Miss Waters (EYFS & KS1): j.waters@acocksgreen.bham.sch.uk