Acocks Green

School History

Acocks Green Primary School was established as a standalone academy in 2013, although the school had already been in existence in various forms for over 100 years.

Our school buildings date back to 1908. In its early days, the school was known as 'Acocks Green Council School' for boys, girls and infants, and in 1932 it was reorganised as a 'Senior Mixed' and 'Junior Mixed' school. In 1945 the Seniors became a separate school based in what we now know as the Juniors today. The school is then referred to as 'Acocks Green County Modern' - so many reincarnations!

Many children have passed through our door, including the comedian Jasper Carrott who has since revisited the school, as well as many visitors from overseas who still have very fond memories of their time at school. When visitors return they are always struck by how well kept the school buildings are.

In the entrance hall, you can view evidence of how different school life used to be. We have old school reports from before WW1, many photographs of an era which is now long gone and even punishment books!

Whilst many things have changed over time we still see our school as an integral part of the local community and we are hugely proud of the children and parents who make up our school family.

Archive images of Acocks Green

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