Curriculum 2019-2020

At Acocks Green Primary School we have designed a knowledge-rich curriculum which is broad and inclusive, which equips the children with a range of skills, knowledge and understanding of the world around them.


We run a 2 week timetable so that all subjects are covered, and this enables teachers to dedicate sufficient time to deep thinking activities which are worthwhile and interesting, as opposed to snippets of lessons.


All staff have assisted in the writing and adaptation of MTPs, and we always aim to make our AGPS curriculum relevant to the needs of the children and the community we serve.


We are more determined than ever that our curriculum must be robust and fit for life in modern Britain.


We have also decided to place well-being at the heart of our curriculum - we believe that happy children will thrive and our new hub, which is strategically in the centre of our school site, is a message to all our parents and children that we acknowledge the pressures of modern life and its impact on learning.


Wherever appropriate, we have taken a topic led approach. For example, EYFS is topic led to deepen understanding by experiencing in all areas. The curriculum is mapped out across the EYFS by key skills and basic concepts to ensure progression.


In remapping the KS1 and KS2 curriculum, we have linked key areas together to form topics which help to equip the children with the knowledge that learning is a journey. Content will be revisited by using this method of teaching and enable pupils to acquire a deeper layer of understanding.