Acocks Green

The Curriculum at AGPS

At Acocks Green Primary School we have designed a knowledge-rich curriculum which is broad and inclusive.

Our ambitious curriculum equips the children with a range of skills, knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Work is planned and sequenced so that the children's knowledge and skills are developed and revisited over time. All children revisit prior knowledge throughout their time at school and build on this to depeen their understanding and thinking, as well as develop a practical application of their learning. 

What are our curriculum drivers? What are the factors that make us devise the curriculum as we do? At AGPS, it rests on 4 strands:

Resilience (applying yourself when learning gets difficult)
Global citizenship (taking part near and far)
Health and well-being (mental and physical health)
Aspiration (aiming high to achieve)

Our curriculum is constantly reviewed and refined to ensure the following: it provides children with a thirst for learning which they can develop for the rest of their lives. It provides exciting and challenging opportunities for all learners before, during and after school, and very importantly, our curriculum knits our our school community together and fosters an aspiration to achieve and flourish.

We run a 2 week timetable so that all subjects are covered, and this enables teachers to dedicate sufficient time to deepen thinking activities which are worthwhile and interesting, as opposed to snippets of lessons.

All staff have assisted in the writing and adaptation of medium term plans so that there is a common, shared understanding, and we always aim to make our AGPS curriculum relevant to the needs of the children and the community we serve. We are more determined than ever that our curriculum must be robust and fit for life in modern Britain.

Well-being sits at the heart of our curriculum - we believe that happy children will thrive and our Well-being Hub, which is strategically in the centre of our school site, is a message to all our parents and children that we acknowledge the pressures of modern life and its impact on learning.





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