Acocks Green

School Food Standards

Our pledge to our children:

Acocks Green Primary School agrees that school food standards provide an important nutritional safety net. We agree that all food and drink provided by or on behalf of the academy shall comply with the school food standards legislation.


Want to read more? Here is an overview:


We are so lucky to have our new kitchen for lunchtimes and every day the children are able to eat very nutritious, freshly made delicious food. We have the best children and they deserve the best food.


We also have two cookery rooms, because we believe that children who make delicious food will ultimately eat well too in later life. All children have access to the cookery room and use it in groups of ten weekly to cook delicious recipes. 

If you have any questions about the food that we provide, please get in touch. We are very proud of the huge improvement in range and quality that is now on offer, and if you as a parent would like to come and sample some for yourself, you would be more than welcome!

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