Sports Premium 2016-17

Chancellor George Osborne announced in his Autumn Statement (2015) that the government will continue its £150 million per year of funding for primary PE & school sport into 2015-16. This will be the fourth year in a row that the funding has come through and for Acocks Green Primary School this is approximately £10,000 per year. The purpose of this funding is to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sports provision across the country.  It aims to increase participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.

As a relatively new member of the Sainsbury’s School Games, we are still building links with our local schools and sporting organisations. In order for us to compete more effectively both inside and outside of school we are keen to continue to use our sports premium funding to develop the quality of teaching at Acocks Green Primary. Over the last three years we have:

  • Had training for all of our teachers on the features of the best PE lessons, along with support in planning effective lessons.
  • Sent each teacher on a PE training course in an area of their choice e.g. gymnastics, dance.
  • Provided more before and after school clubs led both by staff and specialist sports leaders.
  • Trained our PE leader to become a highly skilled teacher of PE who will then work collaboratively with our class teachers.
  • Provided opportunities for our children to take part in a range of competitions.
  • Strengthened our relationships with sporting organisations such as Warwickshire County Cricket Club and the Youth Sport Trust, as well as partnerships with the Ninestiles trust, Camp Hill Foundationand Solihull School for tournaments and regional competitions.

Our aim for the funding this year seeks to put longer-term plans into place to further improve our provision of PE and Sport in addition to the statutory two hours of P.E. that the children receive per week.

  • Lead staff training sessions to improve the teaching of PE across KS2.
  • Support teachers in curriculum time through team teaching to build on their own knowledge and skills, which in turn will improve the provision of high quality PE lessons.
  • Offer a wider range of PE and sport opportunities for the children, including free lunchtime clubs each day and after school clubs to complement sports provision.
  • Build on progress the school has made in school-wide and inter-school competition and offer a wider range of sports that we compete in locally.
  • Develop children into young leaders who will be given responsibility of running their own lunchtime clubs.
  • To develop playground equipment that will stimulate children’s learning through play and movement whilst encouraging participation in smaller team games.
  • Development of the LTS awareness of how to encourage and enthuse the less active children at lunchtimes in the playground with the new resources purchased.
  • To raise the profile of the nutritional benefits of food and healthy eating that complements an active lifestyle. Specifically using a range of healthy ingredients within our cookery topics across the school.  

Our aim is to ensure that PE teaching at Acocks Green is outstanding; that all of our children are involved in a range of sports activities both within the school day and outside of it, along with opportunities to take part in competitions. 

September 2016